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About Humanifest

Humanifest Office Humanifest, directed by Wendi Forbes, is a company whose goals are the distribution and production of high quality essences and energetic mandala oils, and the provision of education. New Essences are released gradually, and undergo ongoing review.

The Humanifest essences and mandala products have been available since 1998. The Mandala Oils were the first products available through Humanifest. Each Mandala Oil underwent approximately three years development before being made available. Currently there are four Mandala Oils: Heart Oil, Consecration Oil, Peace Oil and Oil of Lapis Light.

Humanifest continually develops and researches new essences. Currently there are 42 Essences including Gem, Flower and Animal Essences in the Humanifest Kit.

We are based in the Blue Mountains, an area of highlands west of Sydney, Australia. Here we have a regular clinic for individual client consultation and hold essence workshops and education programs. The property is surrounded by bushland and National Park; many of our essences are made within the surrounding bushland.


About Wendi Forbes

Wendi Forbes Wendi Forbes is an Energetic and Transformational Therapist. She has been working in the field for over 25 years. She began making essences in 1987. The making of essences began as a personal process for her: focusing on meditation and the experience of full presence with “self and other” as an active state.

Wendi moved with her family to the Blue Mountains in 1988. With the move to the Blue Mountains she began to focus more on the making of essences and her practice in Transformational Therapy. It was in 1994-95 that Heart Oil was completed, which was the first of the Mandala Oils.

Soon after Heart Oil was completed the requests of clients and their friends to have the essences and Heart Oil available through local outlets began the process of making the Mandala Oils and then the Essences available commercially.

She has been making Essences and Mandala Oils available through Humanifest Pty Limited since 1998. Currently she provides workshops in Gem, Flower and Animal Essences and also Mandala Oils. She is available for individual sessions, and continues her work in developing essences and continuing to make the Humanifest products available.

She continues to live in the Blue Mountains, a highland area west of Sydney, Australia.