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In our workshops and other courses we aim to gradually introduce the amazing complexity of the frequency of life.  With the movement from the mineral to plant world a dynamic shift in diversity of frequency and consciousness occurs. When we move into the world of animal essences this shift increases exponentially.  Then as we move into the Aura Balance Retreat and using essences with others a new direct yet gentle line of communication opens which has the possibility of communication based in acts of unity. This form of communication is naturally healing and transformative.

To support the gradual development of skills in this form of communication the Animal Essence workshop and the Aura Balance Workshops  are only available to people who have experienced  the Gems 1 workshop and/or Flowers 1 workshop. It is highly recommended that you do both Gem Essence.1 and Flower Essence.1 workshops before doing either the Aura Balance Retreat or Animal Essences 1. 

Both the Gems 1 Workshop and Flowers 1Workshop are introductory workshops, introducing you to the process of working with Humanifest Essences. They are very helpful to your own process and awareness of the dynamic interconnected world we live in. These workshops introduce you to the process of communicating with yourself and others from a perspective of interconnection rather than separation. The other Humanifest Workshops are better suited to people who have already done at least one of either Gems1 Workshop or Flowers1 Workshop. 

The progression through the Essence workshops is a good path to working with this process of communication of wholeness and interconnection in a deeper healing role leading to an active process as a therapist.

The workshops are also highly suitable if you are already in a role of therapist and want to support your holistic perspective and skills in communication of a path of healing.

Certificates of attendance are available for each of the workshops. If you want to go further and attain the Humanifest Practitioner Certificate please feel welcome to speak to us about it.