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Humanifest Certificate
The Humanifest Certificate:   As you begin attending the Humanifest workshops or working with our essences you may feel that you want to immerse your self in the process. Or if when you make contact with Humanifest Essences or Mandala Oils you feel a deep connection and wish to take it further, please speak to us about the Humanifest Certificate. The Certificate is based on course work and a major assignment. The certificate offers an environment of support and personal growth that will take your understanding of your self and the symphony of frequency we are immersed in deeper and can offer a new avenue of personal and professional expression.


Course work for the Certificate.  The course work for the Certificate is attendance of each of the following workshops.

Gems 1

Flowers 1

Animals 1.

The Aura Balance Retreat

Essence Making Field Days x 2

There is also an assignment to complete in the process of the certificate.

 Whilst certificates of attendance are available for each of the workshops and it is common for someone to attend one or all of our workshops, even to come back and attend workshops many times. It is the process of completing the assignment which moves your integration and acquired skill to a level of achievement that the certificate is given to acknowledge.

For details of the assignment please contact the office.

Supervision Days: An ongoing process of supervision and one day workshops are available to those who are engaged in the completion of the Humanifest Certificate Assignment.