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Humanifest Practitioner Seminars
Humanifest Practitioner Seminars:


Practioners often have erratic schedules, so no dates are set for these one day events. Instead of setting a date I find that if you express interest a group tends to form. As this happens we can work toward a date which is supportive of all of us. So if in reading this outline you feel you can benefit from attending a seminar or supervision process let me know and we will see what we can manifest in the process of loving network.

One Day Seminars for Essence Practioners: These are available to anyone who has attended a Humanifest Essence Workshop wanting to update their working knowledge of the Humanifest Essences and further their skills in supporting the process of healing and transformation with essences. New essences are often discussed.

One Day Seminars for Aura Balancing.  This is a support day for previous Aura Balance Students. It is a day of nourishment, refreshing skills and discussion. The aim of the day is to recharge the batteries and relax in the healing environment of the supported space created during the Aura Balance Training. An opportunity to have any questions answered, relax and re-focus. It is an opportunity to take time and share our experience and questions in an unconditionally supported space.