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Humanifest Workshops

Gem Essences 1: Duration; 2 day

This workshop introduces and gives experience in the Quartz Essences, Beryls, Corundums, Gold, Diamond, Turquoise and Blue Topaz Essences. Over a weekend we explore 20 essences.

It is a very good place to begin to explore the Humanifest Essences and the philosophy of working with essences as transformational process for both client and practioner. 

Flower Essences 1 Duration; 2 Day

This workshop introduces you to the Humanifest Flower Essences, covering 18 flower essences over the weekend. We begin to explore the opportunities and delicacy of flower essences when experienced by themselves and also the depth and precision of communication available when joined with gem essences. It is helpful to have done the Gems 1 workshop however it is still a valuable first venture into the Humanifest Essences.

Animal Essences 1 Duration; 2 Day

During the process of the 2 days we explore the 7 Humanifest Animal Essences. These essences have been made either from natural animal products such as amber or petrified coral, or with direct engagement with a living being, as is the case with the Tawny Frogmouth Essence. We experience the dynamic difference in the pathways of communication open to us through animal essences and the opportunities in working with living conscious beings, channelled essences or the inanimate forms that have resulted from an animal’s life.  In the passage of working through the Humanifest Workshops you are invited to experience the process of communicating through interconnection rather than separation. In this workshop we have moved through the mineral and plant environment into the animal and are able to begin to engage patterns of consciousness closer to our own.

Gem Essences 2 Duration 2 days.

This workshop explores the 7 Tourmaline essences and a range of 10 other gem essences.

With this workshop we extend our working knowledge of gem essences into the Tourmaline structures and some of the other essences available in the Humanifest range.

We take the time to explore interactions between essences and introduce some of the listening skills needed in communicating with others through essences.

Field Days: Duration 1 Day.

These are days of meditation and deep listening. A chance to experience your interconnection with the natural world, in a supported environment. These days are available to people who have attended at least one of the Humanifest weekend workshops.

This is a field excursion where a day is spent in different natural settings, meditating, making one or two essences and then a process of review and description of our experience. This process of review and description involves the movement of often very non verbal experience into visual, sound or movement giving us more understanding of ourselves and integration of subtle experience thus allowing the process of verbalization.

This occurs in a non confrontational, supported space with the opportunity to ask questions and discuss your experience or to remain quietly in your own space.

Wendi Forbes has been involved in making essences since the mid 1980’s and working as a healer and Transformational Therapist for over 30 years. Very often when we make essences we engage our own energy system with the energies of our environment in a new way which can be intimate and transformational. It can be a very supportive experience to be in an environment supported by an experienced energy worker with extensive experience with the process of making essences.