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The essence of Sphene communicates an acceptance of resonance. We tend to hold ideas of ourselves which we can identify as "self" or "I am" and resist change on many levels. As Sphene essence opens an acceptance of resonance we can begin to accept ourselves as being in a constant state of movement or change. Change which is natural as we respond to our environment and shifts in our perceptions.

When we are accepting of resonance in ourselves and our enviroment we become more open to connection with others. Our connection with, and our involvement in, the living energetic world around us is more conscious. The stress we live with due to rapid changes in our lives and our world decreases. 

The main mineral component of Sphene is Titanium. Titanium is often used in industry and science to coat objects, which will be exposed to rapid shifts in temperature. Titanium with stands rapid and extreme changes in temperature without damage due to melting or cracking etc.

The acceptance of resonance communicated by Sphene essence assists in our acceptance of our commonality with others. This can be our commonality with other people or members of the plant and animal worlds. This can be an important step in developing acceptance and loving-kindness for oneself and others.  It supports recognition of connectedness without a dissolving of self. In fact a strengthening of self acceptance and identity occurs. One way to understand this essence is to look at the strings of a musical instrument. When the notes of the stings are in tune one can be struck and the other will resonate. They retain their identity and form but acknowledge commonality through resonance.

Sphene essence can assist in the acceptance of all other essences. I often include Sphene in the mandalas due to its support of the acceptance of resonance which assists in the acceptance and integration of shifts in awareness.

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An essence of transformation Tanzanite connects and aligns the Heart and Throat with the energetic centres of the Head and outer Auric Bodies. This process of connection and alignment of these chakras supports the heart and mind to act as one, so that we can think with our heart as we turn our mind to the practice of loving-kindness.

Tanzanite essence assists us to clear deep seeded blockages of the heart, from trauma or heartbreak, so that we can access self-empowerment and express ourselves more clearly. It assists with finding voice and speaking with compassion and confidence. The support of this essence for expression is not limited to the voice, all aspects of expression of the heart and higher awareness are supported.

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Crystal system : trigonal system
Is an Essence which communicates joy in life and self-forgiveness.
Assists in realizing deep joy, loving trust, and playfulness.
It’s main action is in the 2nd, solar and the heart chakra’s. It is very strengthening and can communicate courage in facing difficult issues. This courage is a joyous courage, so often we do not recognise it as courage as we presume courage is serious business.
Rhodochrosite Essence balances the perception of self in the lower chakras and opens communication of life energy to the heart.
Self-forgiveness and self acceptance begin to take root. 
The higher chakras respond as the lower chakras are balanced with the heart. This is often experienced as a sense of joy, rising through the body, or "rising joy". Through playfulness Rhodochrosite reminds us of the creativity of our child within. A creativity we can apply to any level of our life. 

It brings strength and solidity to the 4th chakra, through the strength and balance in the Solar Plexus, clearing confusion and chaos from the heart it clarifies intent and promotes courageous, heart centered action. Where early trauma has molded self awareness, old memories and past experience are often suppressed. These suppressed experiences can surface for healing during the process of taking this essence. With the environment of self love communicated by this Rhodochrosite Essence these old memories can be healed rather than cause re-traumatisation. This essence can be especially helpful where individuals are in the habit of self-denial or judgment, which disturbs their spiritual activity and growth.

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Many of us have times when we feel battered by the turmoil of our lives or by the stress of our enviroment.  We feel limited by our place in family, culture or social “place”.  We crave the strength of stillness.

This essence reminds us that the truth of who we are is not affected by the changes and demands of our daily lives. It communicates a direct resonance of being, which is grounding and acknowledging. This acknowledgment, supports active, focused awareness such as is often developed in meditation and deep silence.

The acknowledgement of self and the experience of our presence or being, can also support our experience of there being no need to grasp for or to reject anything to maintain our own safety or integrity of self.  Pebble essence is an essence of trust.  A trust in the way we are held and supported by the earth. We are supported continually and with out this support we would not have physical form.

Once we allow an awareness of this support to open within us, states of relief, gratitude and a deepened self-acceptance develop.  We can relax in the support we are given to just be.

This is an essence I have shared many times with those who are ill and approaching the transition of death, and also those experiencing states of overwhelm by the depth of change involved in transformation.  It has always been one of the joys of working with this essence to be able to pass on this communication of the simplicity and depth of dynamic stillness and presence, reminding us of who we are.

When we look at a mineral essence and how it acts, or what it is communicating, it is often so simple that we do not realize the depth of impact it may have with beings as complex as an animal or human being.  When these resonances of stillness and acceptance are communicated to the simplest structure of our bodies and spiritual natures they have very deep and dynamic effect.  So it is good to look also at the human states of experience, which are supported by the communications of the essence. With the Pebble Essence some of the shifts often seen are a deep stillness and love of meditation, humility grounded in self-acceptance and love, and out of this a generosity of heart and joy in life.

These are some of the human responses to the gift of the pebble, the pebble itself has no process of humility or generosity, no joyousness of heart these are gifts of humanity in our world and ourselves. The Pebble ‘is” and remains as it is; deeply resonant with the earth and enviroment.


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